Monday, January 26, 2009

Remember When

There was on old song in the 60's that started with, Remember When, then it proceeded with some kind of a thumping music, funny thing is , is that I don't I Don't Remember It!

A fellow blogger Darryl, contacted me the other day with some topics and items and this is appropriate to share them with you!

Here are a couple, for the complete listing check out his posting. It at:

Here are a couple of things to remember.

15 Cent McDonald Hamburgers
25 Cent A Gallon Gasoline
45 Rpm Records
5 Cent Packs Of Baseball Cards - With A Pink Slab Of Bubble Gum
78 Rpm Records!
American Bandstand
Baseball Cards In The Spokes Of A Bicycle
Pop Bottle Openers
Burning Our Trash In The Back Yard
Cigar Bands For Rings
Erector Sets
Having A Weapon In School Meant Being Caught With A Slingshot
Howdy Doody,
Soda Pop Machines That Dispensed Glass Bottles

Check his listing out for a complete rundown of yesteryear, Darryl must have sat down and closed his eyes and did some great remembering. Something we all need to do, quite regularly!
If I may say......

And if you enjoy the Statler Brothers, check this out! This is on You Tube.


  1. Ken
    I'm honored that you mentioned my name.....thank you
    That Statler Brothers songs brought back eveen more memories
    1 Two wheeled lawn mowers
    2 Bullet

  2. You're welcome, you earned it by sharing your time and information with all!

  3. I've got another 25 now but I think maybe we've worn out our 'do you remember Roy Roger's dog?' bit
    Let's talk about radios



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