Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day, past and present

Growing up Columbus day was a holiday which we celebrated the person who discovered America. Now the people are disputing that he did not discover America because people were already here.


If Europeans, did not know about the American Continent, then wouldn't that be discovering it?

Give me a break!

These people are trying to change stuff, enough is enough!

The Europeans are BAAAADDD people, the killed off the indigenous people by bringing small pox.

I guess these same people would be happy sitting around a fire roasting bison legs, living in animal furs.......

There is something called progress or discover where one trys to find new things, new ways, new ideas ......get the point?

Columbus is now portrayed as a bad guy.........

If it was not for Columbus, it would have been someone else a few years later.......or if not then the world as we would know it today would not have been possible since the ships would have sailed off the edge of the earth......

Give me a break, first the holidays, if they keep doing the same, everything will be grey.....not to offend some one's dislike for a particular color.

Enough is enough, when is someone going to stand up and say something?


  1. "when is someone going to stand up and say something?"

    I think someone just did.

  2. Sadly it appears the new generations don't think "change" is bad...

  3. I see nothing wrong with taking a hard look at history and making adjustments. Not censorship, or re-writing history, but reflecting a more balanced look at the event in question. Columbus Day was celebrated because people didn't even think about the other side. Now that they do, there's nothing to celebrate.



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