Sunday, May 17, 2009

Could Kids survive nowadays?

I keep hearing how tough life is, it's not fair that someone has to sacrifice something like not going to the movies 3 time a week, down to twice or limiting the cell phone use because the last bill was $200 dollars....
They think they have it tough.

They should have grown up when if you wanted to communicate with someone, you sat down , got a piece of paper or if you were lucky enough stuck it into a typewriter and spend some time writing down your letter, then folded it up and stuck it in an envelope.
Then you put a 10 cent stamp on it, and you walked down to the post office, or if you were lucky your parents or neighbor would give you are ride to the post office and you would mail it.
It took a week or so for the person to get it.
Now they have the Internet , and they complain when the page takes too long to load.

Some one would call you on the phone and if you were on the phone or your parents were using it, the caller would get a busy signal. They would have to hang up, return to the phone later and dial the number again.
No call waiting,
No last number dialed,
No Caller ID, so you would have to answer the phone, each time, even if it was your school or boss, ......maybe you called in sick, so you better sound sick.....

And they complain when they have to leave a voice mail message.....

If you were lucky your television set had 3 channels on it.
Later PBS came into play, but that was it.
If you missed the TV show, your neighbors told you about it,
Now you TIVO it, or 20 years ago you could set your VCR to record it.
Now if there are 4 things that conflict with what you want to record,
They complain...........

You fill up the gas in your car, and every other time you either had to put in a quart of oil, and walk around the car adding air to the tires......
Now the new cars hardly ever use oil, you never have to pump up your tires and all the cars have air conditioning.
But still they complain......

They also complain that homework is to tough. Tough? We had no Internet so any research we had to walk down to the library, look up the reference material , get the books, and if you had a library card you could take the books home to study......
But they complain...

If you liked a song on the radio, you could do one of two things. Listen to it again and hope that you will hear it when you have your tape recorder handy or go down to the record store and buy the record.
Now they complain if they can pirate the song or the album, or steal it of the Internet to play on their MP3 player.
The real hip people had a Muntz 8 track installed under that dashboard. You bought the 8 track tape and every 4 or 5 times you would play the cassette, it would eat your tape.
But they complain when they can load their MP3 player fast enough.

Kids complain too much, or I am too old.....take your pick!

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