Friday, May 29, 2009

Please deposit your nickel , sir!

Hello Operator, I would like to make a person to person call to 213-277-9291, and talk to Mr. Elliot Singer please. ......
"You can call me back at TUxedo 5-4544.

Yes sir will do as soon as I get them on the line.
Thank you
"You're welcome"

A person to person call?
Whats that?
What's an Operator?
What's a dial phone?
When is the last time you heard a telephone bell ring?
Or if you were really hip you had a telephone company calling card....
In your wallet next to your Bank of America Visa Card, or your Master Charge Card
in the same wallet as your Standard Oil Card, that you could use at Standard Gas Stations, that were across the street from the Signal Oil stations or the Atlantic Richfield Station down the street from the Philips 66 or the Mohawk station.....
That is were the phone booth was usually located where you could make your phone calls when you were out and about.
Before Cellphones.......ages ago.
Not really....

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